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New Service! CTC Sign Management System


Historically, highway signs have been required to be manufactured with a certain level of nighttime visibility, or “Retroreflectivity.”  The 2009 MUTCD now requires all signs to be maintained at a certain level of retroreflectivity, based upon the colors of the materials used.  The first deadline is January 22, 2012.

With the most Up to date courses!CTC's Online Institute


CTC is always striving to find the most innovative ways for our clients to stay in compliance.  Our new Online Institute offers Web-based DOT and OSHA training designed to enhance your skills, increase your performance, and meet the current DOT and DOL training requirement.

A Fallen American HeroSGT Brandon E. Maggart Memorial and
Blake Maggart Educational Fund

Honoring the memory of Army SGT Brandon E. Maggart who served in Iraq and was killed during Operation Iraq Freedom.

Blake Maggart remembers his father on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day in 2011


Vehicle Electronic DataDo you have a transportation issue? Ask us!

Many vehicles currently manufactured utilize computer technology to enhance the performance/maintenance of the vehicle, or control and monitor the performance of the vehicle’s occupant protection systems.  Some of these systems, aboard passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, retain information valuable to those investigating traffic collisions.


Through the use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System, our analysts are able to extract data from a large number of passenger vehicles.  For a list of supported vehicles click this link. To view a sample report, click this link.


With Hyundai and Kia’s proprietary event data retrieval software and hardware, we are able to access data from the vehicles on this list. To view a sample report, click this link.

With Tesla's proprietary event data retrieval software and hardware, we are able to access data from the vehicles on this list. To view a sample report, click this link.


If you are interested in hosting a “Crash Data Retrieval Operators Course,” please call to inquire about complementary seats for your efforts in hosting a training program.


We offer a class in Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR) through Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety (NUCPS), in conjunction with Messerschmidt Safety Consulting.  Please contact us to schedule a course at your location.

Ron Baade mentors HVEDR course participants during training in Albany, NY, Aug 26 – 30, 2013.


Ron and Bill recently assisted the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) with training in Barrie, Ontario.


We also offer training in the anaysis of HVEDR data, as was provided to the Lebanon County District Attorney's Office.

Employing engine manufacturers’ proprietary software and equipment we are able to access information on commercial vehicles’ engine configurations, and, in some cases, event related data.  Sample reports for commercial vehicle engines with event related data storage capabilities, click the appropriate link.

Caterpillar | Cummins - Insite | Cummins - Power Spec | Detroit Diesel
Navstar Engine Diagnostics | PACCAR

We deal with vehicles which have been involved in crashes, not vehicles being submitted for routine maintenance. As such, many of the vehicles we deal with have suffered an extreme amount of damage. At times, this damage extends to the Electronic Control Modules (ECM) we seek to recover data from. To learn the extreme measures we can use to recover data from damaged ECMs, take a few moments to review our white paper on Alternative Communications Methods for Electronic Control Modules.


For additional information on electronic data on-board commercial motor vehicles, see the Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder website:


Proper interpretation of the data extracted from vehicles is essential to determining how the data aides the reconstruction of the accident.  Our analysts have been trained by Bosch, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and PACCAR authorized trainers.