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Historically, highway signs have been required to be manufactured with a certain level of nighttime visibility, or “Retroreflectivity.”  The 2009 MUTCD now requires all signs to be maintained at a certain level of retroreflectivity, based upon the colors of the materials used.  The first deadline is January 22, 2012.

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CTC is always striving to find the most innovative ways for our clients to stay in compliance.  Our new Online Institute offers Web-based DOT and OSHA training designed to enhance your skills, increase your performance, and meet the current DOT and DOL training requirement.

A Fallen American HeroSGT Brandon E. Maggart Memorial and
Blake Maggart Educational Fund

Honoring the memory of Army SGT Brandon E. Maggart who served in Iraq and was killed during Operation Iraq Freedom.

Blake Maggart remembers his father on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day in 2011


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Our Analysts and Technicians bring a variety of backgrounds and histories to bear on your transportation needs.  Those assets include over 40 years of engineering; 50 years in law enforcement; 30 years in accident reconstruction; 10 years in Child Passenger Safety; and 15 years in the classroom. 

Our collision reconstructionists are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).  Our Child Passenger Safety Technicians are certified by the National Safe Kids Campaign for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

We have conducted numerous real-world crash tests to assess vehicle/safety system performance.  A number of our associates have been published in industry periodicals.  We have provided consulting services to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, a division of Penn State University.

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Event data recorders (EDR) monitor and record data of the vehicle, and often are capable of providing information about a vehicle before, during and after a major collision. Understanding how to access, recover, and interpret this data is important to consultants and police involved in collision reconstruction, as well as fleet managers, attorneys, insurance companies and researchers seeking to prevent future accidents. Through Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety, we offer a training course in Preserving and Analyzing Data from Heavy Truck EDRs. Please visit our Services page for a detailed description of this and the other options we may have to assist with your transportation needs.

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